nr. Station
1 Antena 2 Where?
PlayList Available
Lisboa Portugal
Antena2 is the 2nd radio station of RDP, the portuguese public broadcast. It is orientated on an erudit audience, broadcasting classical music from all epochs and styles, with excursions to other kinds of music: jazz, ethnic music and soundtracks. The discussion of cultural issues is also very prominent in its programme. 24h/day Windows Media Player:
Antena2klik 64K Stereo
2 Arnold Schönberg Center Webradio Where?
PlayList Available
Vienna, Austria
Arnold Schönberg Center is a "Privatstiftung" of the city of Vienna and the international Schönberg society. Der Zweck der Stiftung umfaßt die Etablierung des Arnold Schönberg Archives (Nachlasses) in Wien, seine Erhaltung und Pflege, die Ausbildung der Allgemeinheit im Hinblick auf Schönbergs interdisziplinären künstlerischen Einfluß, sowie die Lehre und Verbreitung von Schönbergs Beiträgen zur Musik und seines sonstigen Lebenswerkes. The webradio exists of weekly changing 3,5 hour Schönberg compositions. MP3 stream
ASCklik40k22KHz Stereo
Hilversum, NL
AVRO is one of the main public broadcasters in The Netherlands, now making continuous "WebRadio" programs, without announcements or commercials. Avroklassiek webcasts several separate and occasionally changing streams.

MP3 stream:
'Religious' (128 kbps)
'Film' (128kbps)
'Best' ( 128 kbps)
'Baroque a.t. clock(128 kbps)
'Light classical' (256 kbps)

4 Bartók Rádió Where?
Budapest, Hungary
Bartók Rádió is Magyar's classical station, owned by the Hungarian State. They broadcast plenty of Live concerts from the concerthalls in Hungary and Opera's from the Budapest Operahouse. MP3 stream
Bartókklik 80k44kHz Stereo

Bartókklik 320k44kHz Stereo
5 Bayern 4 Klassik Where? PlayList Available
Bayern4 is the classical and cultural station of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio). From midnight till 6 AM the famous ARD nachtkonzert. No commercials, every hour news in German.

Bayern4klik 56K Stereo

Flash :
Bayern4klik 128K Stereo

MP3 stream
Bayern4klik80KBps44kHz Stereo

6 BBC Radio 3
Where?PlayList Available

London UK
BBC 3 ,the mother of all classsical radio stations has announced plans, which increase the amount of live programming at the core of the schedule, and reaffirm Radio 3 as the nation's leading broadcaster of classical music and cultural programming


7 Catalunya Música Where? PlayList Available
Barcelona, Spain
Catalunya Música is the classical and contemporary music channel of Catalunya Rŕdio. Public radio with 20th century music, jazz, film and live broadcast of Catalan concerts. Lots of talk. the station plays a fair amount of music on old Catalan reed instruments -- the nasal-sounding tibles and tenoras (both shawms) as well as fiscorns (variety of krumhorn) and flabiols Flash Player:
Catklik 48K Stereo
8 Ceský rozhlas3 Vltava Where?
PlayList Available
Prague, Czeck Republic
Vltava, the Czech Classical radiostation, rozhlas3, is nation-wide FM arts station for the modern European. On FM 24 hours a day. A guide through the world of the arts for all generations . What you won´t find elsewhere : live broadcasts opera, classical music and jazz from all over the world - feature programmes: explorations of other cultures, profiles of great personalities - jazz, ethnic music, world music and other forms of alternative music.

Windows Media Player:
Vltavaklik 192K Stereo

MP3 stream
Vltavaklik80KBps44kHz Stereo

Vltavaklik256KBps48kHz Stereo

9 Classic FM Bulgarian Where? Classic FM Radio - The best of classical and jazz music from Sofia, Bulgaria Windows Media Player:
ClassicFM BGklik 32K Stereo
10 Classic FM CZ Where? PlayList Available
Praha, Czech Republic
Popular Czech classical radiostation on 98.7 FM Windows Media Player:
ClassicFM CZ 128K Stereo
11 Classic FM NLWhere? PlayList Available
Naarden, NL
In the Netherlands on cable, the classical commercial station ClassicFM. Short tracks , popular, never a whole symphony. "Light Classical Music for any moment!" Windows Media Player:
ClassicFM NL klik 128K Stereo
12 Classic FM UK Where? PlayList Available
London, England
Classic FM's premise is that classical music is, and always has been, popular music. The station's aim is to make classical music accessible to as wide an audience as possible


Windows Media Player:
ClassicFM UK klik 32K Stereo

13 Concertzender
PlayList Available

  Utrecht, Nederland
De Concertzender , established as a "Stichting" (foundation) in 1982 is a voluntary organization. A radio station broadcasting music 24 hours daily. The programmes include "serious" music from all historic periods and types: classical, but also jazz, world music and electro-acoustic music.Contemporary. The Concertzender needs more new friends


Concertzender 196k klikFlashplayer

14 DR Klassisk

Copenhagen, Denmark
DR (The Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is Denmark’s oldest and largest electronic media enterprise. The corporation was founded in 1925 as a public service organisation, enjoying a monopoly on radio and TV broadcasting until 1986. P2 Musik og Kulturradio is the classical channel. At night Euroclassic Notturno Windows Media Player:
DR P2 klik 128K Stereo
15 Era 3rd pr.
Greece Where?
Athens, Greece
Era , Hellenic Public Radio, views its listeners as citizens and not consumers of the product it offers. The 3rd program offers classical music 24 hours a day. Flash Player:
ERA3klik 48K Stereo
16 Espace 2 Where?
Lausanne, Switzerland
Espace 2 is the classical channel of Radio Suisse Romande. MP3 stream
Espace2klik 44k48kHz Moino
17 Filodiffusione Where?
PlayList Available

Rome, Italy
The fith channel of Italian public radio filodiffusione brings music 24h/d , no ads, no chat, no news, just classical music. Channel V "Auditorium" broadcasts Classical Music and owes much of its uniqueness in the fact that it has access to the RAI Historical Archives, which are a treasure of thousands of recordings of Chamber Music, Orchestral and Operatic works.

Filodiffusione5klik 96K Stereo

18 HR2 Kultur
Where? PlayList Available

Frankfurt Germany
HR2 is the cultural radio station of Der Hessische Rundfunk. Lot of spoken word about theatre, art and religion, but also classical music in between. After midnight the famous ARD Nachtconcert.


19 Hrvatski Radio3
Zagreb, Croatia
HRT Croatian Radio broadcasts three radio services of national importance. Radio 3 offers more serious programmes, both intellectual and spiritual. HR3klik 20K Stereo
20 Ibídemradio
Valencia, Spain

since 270314
Ibídemradio is an Internet only classical station with only Spanish composers On site
Ibidemklik 128K Stereo

21 ITU Where?
Istanbul Turkey
ITU, on weekdays from the technical university of Istanbul

Windows Media Player:
ITU klik 32K Stereo

22 Klara
PlayList Available
Brussels, Belgium

Klara (former VRT3) is the major Flemish classical radiostation. 24/7 on air. No commercials, heterogeneous, interesting programs in Dutch language.

There is also a nice nonstop stream, called Continuo


MP3 stream

Klaraklik 128K Stereo

Klara Continuo klik 128K Stereo

23 Klassik Radio Where?
PlayList Available

Hamburg, Germany
With a pilot project by T-Online for Breitbandige Angebote via ADSL, Klassik Radio has reached the highest quality in Streaming Audio. MP3 stream:
Klassikklik 32K Mono
Klassikklik 96K Stereo
24 Klassikaraadio Where?
Tallinn, Estonia
Klassikaaradio: Konsert Sinu Kodus, the only radio programme in Estonia that has specialized on classical music, was aired for the first time on April 1, 1995. Initially Klassikaraadio made use of a 70MHz transmitter, an elderly rem(a)inder of the soviet period, at present the broadcasts can be received all over Estonia from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Klassikaklik 96K Stereo

Windows Media Player:
Klassikaklik96K Stereo

25 Klasszik Radio Where?
Budapest Hungary
PlayList Available

Klasszik Radio 92.1 broadcasts in the wider Budapest area, app 60 kms around the Hungarian capital. The station plays a wide range of classical music, but focusing on the „easy listening” part. It plays orchestral music, opera, operetta and film music. The station has thematic programs every working day evening at 2o pm CET.

MP3 stream
Klasszikklik 192k64kHz Stereo
26 Latvijas Radio
Where? PlayList Available
Riga, Latvia
Programme 3 "Klasika" (From 7 till 24 GMT+2) is a classical music channel mixed with jazz, folk-music, several hours of fiction and radiodrama. Tune in to Promenade, Metropolitan or other Euroradio live event, Radio Choir and Children's vocal group. Latviaklik 32K Stereo
27 LRT Klasika Where? PlayList Available

Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) is a non-profit public broadcaster that has been providing regular radio services since 1926

Windows Media Player:
LRTklik 128K Stereo
28 Lyric FM Where?
Limerick, Ireland
Lyric FM began broadcasting on May 1st, 1999, with an extensive programme schedule with an emphasis on classical music and the arts. It is on air 24 hours a day. The station is aiming to fill the huge gulf that exists in Irish broadcasting today. People have wanted a change from the diet of talk/pop radio available to them and Lyric fm will satifisy that hunger, with a range of music that is diverse, stimulating, challenging but most of all enjoyable.From 08.00-20.00 GMT.

LyrickFMklik32K Stereo

Windows Media Player:
LyrickFMklik 32K Stereo

29 MDR KlassikWhere?
PlayList Available

Halle(Saale), Germany
The cultural channel of the public broadcaster of Middle Germany. Classical music and much German spoken word. From midnight till 6 AM das ARD Nachtkonzert.

Windows Media Player:
MDRklik 48K Stereo

MP3 stream
mdrklik 128k44 Stereo

30 Musica Religiosa

Hilversum, The Netherlands

A web spinoff of Dutch progressive Protestant broadcaster IKON Radio is Musica Religiosa: Only religious "classical" music, no announcements, no ads.

And a special non-stop organ channel

Windows Media Player:
MRklik 128K Stereo

MROrganklik 128K Stereo

31 Muzcentrum Where?

Moscow, Russia

Muzcentrum , Radio Orpheus is the Russian State Classical radio. Site is in Russian

Windows Media Player:
Muzklik 128K Stereo
32 NDR Kultur Where?
Hamburg, Germany
NDR Kultur ,the classical station of Northern Germany: Norddeutschen Rundfunk Hamburg - Sender Freies Berlin - Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg. Conscientious. Windows Media Player:
NDRklik 48K Stereo

MP3 stream
NDRklik 128k44 Stereo
33 NRK Klassisk PlayList Available Where?
Oslo, Norway
NRK Klassisk,the classical station of the Norwegian Public Radio. From 00.00 -06.00 Euroclassic Notturno. Flashplayer
34 ORF OE1 Where?

Vienna, Austria
The Austrian national station OE1 that carries concert broadcasts from the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Radio Symphony as well as the country's various music festivals such as Salzburg, Bregenz, Vienna KlangBogen and Innsbruck. Flashplayer

35 Radio 4

PlayList Available For Euroclassic Notturno
Hilversum, The Netherlands
Radio 4 is the major Dutch classical radiostation. 24/7 on air. Several different organisations provide a well considered alternative to the commercial stations with top 100 hits. Challenging! Windows Media Player:
Radio4klik 64K Stereo

MP3 stream
Radio4klik 128k44 Stereo
36 Radio Clásica
Where? PlayList Available
Madrid, Spain
RadioClásica is the classical station of the Spanish public radio, Radio nacional de Espańa. "Radio Clásica es la emisora en F.M. que dedica toda su programación a la música clásica" Windows Media Player:
RNEklik 128K Stereo
37 Radio Classica Bresciana
Where? PlayList Available
Brescia, Italy
Radio Classica Bresciana is owned by a local media group (Numerica Publicittŕ) and it is one of the few classical stations in the country. The programme, between 6AM and 12PM, mostly includes classical and baroque music with short advertisement. Windows Media Player:
RCBklik 40K Stereo

38 Radio Classica
Petersburg Where?
St.Petersburg, Russia
The only and leading commercial Russian FM station that broadcast classical music. We also have local news and special programes (among them: Classical music and jazz, Russian Romances, The Night Concert -- musical pieces in full unlike everyday's air composed of short tracks; Classical Chart etc.)

RadioClassicaklik 21K Stereo

Temp(?) just 1 hour demo

39 Radio Classique Paris Where?
PlayList Available
Paris, France
Radio Classique Paris is the only the radio operator offering Classical music and Economic Information. Musical programming harmoniously mixing famous masterpieces and ignored type-setters. Medieval music and XXčme century, the programming attaches a great importance to the diversity of the repertories and times.

Windows Media Player:
RadioClassiqueklik 64K Stereo

40 Radio France
Where? PlayList Available
Paris, France
Without adhering systematically to the demagogic formula: " the public is right always ", it is necessary for us well to agree that it is not always wrong: to hold account of its observations is least things on behalf of a radio of " public " service.Consequently, with two additional concerts diffused during the weekend, there are four hours more suggested to our listeners who will find - in addition - the appointments which them " fidélisent " throughout the week: this alternation of comments of sensitizing and information.The " plural " spirit of France Musiques will continue to appear by the opening of the chain to all the forms of expression: traditional musics, original film tapes, jazz, contemporary creations,etc.


41 Radio Mozart Where?
Marseille France

Nicolas Goyet created "Radio Mozart" on january 2010.
It's a webradio which broadcast only Mozart Music 24/365.
With about 15000 connexions/day you can listen to it by Itunes.

MP3 stream
Mozartklik 192k64kHz Stereo
42 Radio Notre Dame Live Where?
Paris, France
Radio Notre Dame Paris, France,
religious classical
Radio Notre Dameklik64k G2 Stereo
43 Radio România Muzical
Where? PlayList Available
Bucharest, Romania
Classic, jazz&more for relaxation, for dreaming, for your soul - Radio Romania Music, the only Romanian station dedicated to classical music lovers, a public channel. A lot of Romanian and international concerts live (classical, jazz and world music). Small talk, great music.

Windows Media Player:
RadioClassicaklik 64K Stereo

44 Radio Slovenija Where?
Ljubljana Slovenija
Tretji Program: The third programme (Program ARS) of Radio Slovenia transmits cultural information, artistic, educational and science content. In Slovenia's media space, it is some kind of cultural institution. Classical music fills 3/4 of the programme, with spring and autumn concert and opera seasons and live coverage of festivals, music camps and other cultural events. Windows Media Player:
Arsklik 196K Stereo
45 Radio Stephansdom Where? PlayList Available
Vienna, Austria
107,3 - Radio Stephansdom ist der Klassiksender der Musikstadt Wien. Aus den Studios in der Singerstraße - im Herzen Wiens und im Schatten des Stephansdoms - sendet Radio Stephansdom über die Sendeanlage am Donauturm rund um die Uhr klassische Musik. Das Angebot unseres Senders ist einzigartig: Hochwertige Musik und Informationssendungen aus dem kirchlichen Bereich. Im Programm von Radio Stephansdom gibt es als weitere Besonderheit dreimal pro Woche eine Opern-Gesamtaufnahme MP3 stream:
Stklik 128kbs 44kHz Stereo
46 Radio Swiss Classic
Where? PlayList Available

Bern, Switzerland

Radio Swiss Classic offers a commercialfree classical program. Short announcements."We do not talk about music, we play it!" Musik der klassischen und der romantischen Periode /période baroque / piano / airs chantés/ Arien. See also RTSI. Radio Swiss Classic is a relaxing classical music station produced by SRG SSR. We play the most beautiful and popular works from the world of classical music – around the clock and uninterrupted by advertising. Our philosophy is not to talk about music, but to play it, so our presenters simply announce the title, the composer and the performer.
In English, French, German and Italian.
More ways of listening to Radio Svizzera Classica on the Internet...


47 Rai 3 Where?
Rome, Italy
The cultural channel of Italian public radio RAI 3 brings a lot of book, film and theatre reviews, but every day between 00:30 and 06:00 AM (GMT+1) classical music and Italian opera from the archives of the RAI.

RAI 3klik 32K Stereo

Filodiffusione5klik 32K Stereo

48 Rás 1
Iceland Where?
Reykjavík, Iceland
Rás1 is the classical channel.of Ríkisútvarpiđ RUV - The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service - an independent public service broadcaster. The main obligation of RUV is to promote the Icelandic language, Icelandic history and Iceland's cultural heritage.

Rás1klik 32K G2Mono

Windows Media Player:
RAS1klik 32K Mono

49 Rete Toscana Classica Where?
Prato , Italy
On the initiative of and sponsored by the Tuscan Region this classical station started in 2003. To know the programming in advance it is possible to subscribe to a yearly subscription. Windows Media Player:
rtcklik 64K Stereo
50 RMF Classic
Where? PlayList Available
Kraków, Poland
RMF Classic (the Radio Music Factor) broadcasts a very wide range of classical music, alternated with film and folk music. No commercials. Windows Media Player:
rmfklik 48K Stereo

MP3 stream
RMFklik 44k44KHz Stereo
51 RNW Classical
Hilversum, Netherlands
The finest classical music by performers and composers from the Netherlands, along with well-kown favourites from Renaissance to contemporary classical music. From Bach to Berg, from Andriessen to Wagenaar. Listen 24/7! Provided by Radio Netherlands Worldwide


52 RTBF Musique 3
PlayList Available Where?
Brussels , Belgium
C'est la radio de la "musique classique" au sens large. Elle s'adresse ŕ tous ceux qui l'apprécient, sans distinction d'âge. On y trouve aussi le jazz, les musiques du monde, la musique belge... du Moyen Age ŕ l'avant-garde.Musique3, radio des musiques vivantes: chaque soir un concert donné ŕ Bruxelles, en Wallonie ou en Europe. MP3 stream
RTBFklik 128Kbs 44K Stereo
53 RTSI Rete Due
PlayList Available
Lugano, Switzerland
RadioTelevisione Svizzera di Lingua Italiana The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation is a public service company that produces and distributes radio and television programmes for the entire Swiss Confederation. RTSI is the society for the italian speaking region of Switzerland. Rete 2 satisfies listeners interested in classical music and thoroughly examining cultural topics. RTSIklik G2 Stereo
54 Spivakov
Where? PlayList Available
Moscow, Russia
Spivakov is the classical live radio station conducted by Vladimir Spivakov, the founder and conductor of "Moscow virtuosi" chamber orchestra. This station is a part of 101.ru, a "professional Internet radio" organization with over 60 different music channels. Windows Media Player:
Spivakovklik 128K Stereo

55 SR2 Kultur

Saarbrücken, Germany
Der Saarländische Rundfunk ist im Saarland die Nr. 1 in Radio. Many German cultural spoken word programs. Specially interesting is the ARD Nachtkonzert from 12 till 6 AM. For playlist see: ARD

Windows Media Player:
SRklik 128K Stereo


56 SR P2-Musik
and Klassiskt

Stockholm, Sweden
P2 - Music Radio - broadcasts classical and contemporary music, as well as jazz and folk music. The music programme is available on FM 24 hours a day in the greater Stockholm and Malmö areas. Sveriges Radio (SR) is a public service broadcaster, advertising is not permitted. Also SR Klassiskt

Windows Media Player:
SR P2 klik 64K Stereo

Windows Media Player:
SR Bredklik 96K Stereo

57 SwissRadio Where?
Küsnacht, Swiss
RadioCrazy Classical&Jazz is a non-profit organization and one of the largest Online radiostations in Switzerland. The station specializes in the conservation of legendary and rare recordings including original vinyl records Fundraising

Windows Media Player:
swissradioklik 128K Stereo

OPERA stream
swissoperaklik 128K Stereo

58 Twentysound
Berlin, Germany

since 190314
Twentysound is a non-profit station started in 2014, playing modern classical music from the 20th and 21st century. We focus on composers following traditional lines, like Shostakovich or Hindemith, avoiding atonal, 12 tone or electroacoustic music. The station is broadcast using a German provider, laut.fm, who, in exchange for their services, sometimes inserts ads between pieces." On site
Twentysoundklik 128K Stereo

59 Venice Classic Radio

Venice, Italy

Venice Classic Radio is a classical internet radio that offers a daily repertoire of early, baroque, chamber, symphony and opera music


MP3 stream
VCRklik 128K Stereo

VCRklik 128K Stereo

60 WDR3
PlayList Available
Cologne, Germany

The task of the German public broadcatser WDR is to distibute the process of the forming of free opninion. The main station of the province North Rhine-Westphalia. The third radio channel is the classical one. Lot of serious music and cultural information.


MP3 stream

WDR3klik 256K Stereo

WDR3klik 64K Stereo

61 YLEn Klassinen
Where? PlayList Available
Helsinki, Finland
Yle Klassinen (Yle Classic) is a digital classical music channel from Helsinki, Finland. It operates 24 hours a day and can be listened to over the Internet everywhere in the world.

The programme is currently divided into four sections: classical morning, classical day, classical evening and classical night. The main focus is on complete musical works. Highlights are seldom played. All the different genres of classical music are represented. In particular, interpretations of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and recordings by the Finnish Broadcasting Company are given a special emphasis in the programme.

YLE 1klik 256K Stereo

YLE 2klik 256K Stereo

YLE 3klik 256K Stereo
The stations that stopped


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